Manufacturing, Engineering & Integration

Shipbuilding, offshore oil and gas, telecommunications, chemical industries, petrochemical, food and rail.

About us

A company to rely on

Since 1972, Fernandez Jove SA has been synonymous with quality and service in the supply of materials and equipment for applications as diverse as Shipbuilding, Offshore oil and gas, Telecommunications, Chemical Industries, Petrochemical, Food and Rail.

We offer distribution and supply of materials to engineering, design, assembly and evaluation of complex systems and equipment, either for our divisions of Fluid Power, cutting tools or integral solutions.


Why use our products?

A careful collaboration with our clients and evaluation of their requirements, added to a continuous improvement in design and production ensures delivery of reliable and proven equipment with a minimum maintenance costs.

Manufacturing, Engineering & Integration


FJCI History

FJ COMERCIAL E INGENIERÍA, was founded in 2015 to continue the engineering work already carried out by the parent company of the group, Fernández Jove SA.

The main activity of the company is the engineering, design, installation and evaluation of complex systems.

In 2010, the company specialized in the integration of remote control valve system (RCVS)

This specialization in remote control and equipment integration has allowed the company to participate in engineering projects of remote control systems with hydraulic, pneumatic and electric drive for different mobile structures (ramps, bridges ...) in both shipbuilding and sectors of civil and industrial work.


Fernández Jove has a highly professional team with a deep knowledge of the markets in which it operates and with a high technical level that ensures a fast response to the most demanding demands of our clients.

Our entire team of professionals works to meet these demands with a common goal:

To optimize all resources to achieve excellence in your commitment to the client.

Manufacturing System

The search of global solutions and assessment of customer actual requirements now enables us to offer the engineering, design and installation of more sophisticated equipment packages.

Close collaboration with the customer and a continuous evaluation and improvement process in design and production, guarantees the delivery of robust and reliable equipment with proven benefits and low maintenance cost.

Always moving forward to maintain and improve our reputation for "Quality and Service".

QA System

ISO Certified and Testing Facilities

Fernández Jove has the challenge of achieving the highest standards of quality and service.


Fernández Jove enjoys international recognition of ISO quality and Lloyd's Resgister, in order to renew and strengthen quality in our products.

Fernández Jove also has sales and technical teams that guarantees the correct application of their products and the latest innovations in the market.

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